Annually, it has been estimated, some 10 million families are victims of identity theft. Steps can be taken to lessen the probability but sometimes it happens without reason. Invest in a crosscut shredder and start shredding anything with personal information including credit card receipts, statements, and any unsolicited credit card applications you receive. If you are cleaning out your filing cabinet and have a hefty amount to shred, then there are services available. Check your credit card statements for items that you didn't charge. If you suspect fraud, immediately contact one of the credit agencies (Equifax, Experian, Transunion).

Congress enacted the Fact Act Amendments as part of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This Act provides for one free credit file disclosure in a 12-month period and has been available to Pennsylvania residents since September 1, 2005. You are highly encourage you take advantage of this free service to see what your creditors are saying and reporting about you. 



You can request your free annual disclosure by contacting Central Source on-line at If you do not have computer access or prefer an alternate way, you may also call Central Source toll free at (877)FACTACT or use a mail request form. Remember that these are individual reports so married couple must each apply separately.



Once you get your report, your Financial Network representative is available if you need help reading the report.



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